Hello, and welcome to our new home on the internet.

Kindness Family Pet Clinic is under new management and we are very excited to share the news with all of our clients. Dr. Darrin Kortyka has purchased the clinic from Dr. Gregory Bean and began working on February 8th. Not to worry, Dr. Bean has agreed to stay on for a while during the transition!  Dr. Kortyka and the staff plan to continue with the same great care that Dr. Bean has provided all of these many years. We will be providing more details in the coming days.

Our hours of operation are still 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and now 8am-1pm on Saturday.  Closed Sundays.

Our phone #: 503-359-9548. Fax: 503-357-3575

Please be patient as this page is obviously under construction as we prepare the rest of our content.

In the meantime, you can also visit us on facebook.com/kindnesspet  for updated stories and information.